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. . . Following her mother and father footsteps in terms of artistic addiction, mutually as stylist and poet - painter, Morgan Lacroix decides to undertake the performer career.
Only after several pathetic and terrible personal experiences in the music field, Morgan finally meets Terry Horn, Singer, music master and versatile musician skilled on several instruments.
Due to this alchemical, magical union in professional field and the perfect harmony of their souls, the band MandragorA ScreaM came true.
The never-ending thirst of art by Morgan doesn’t quench with music only…it expands in any different form. That’s why she delights in creating refined clothes, furnitures, Glass Art, and much more.
For this reason, it comes the idea to create a website where you can find some of her creations.
However, Morgan is not completely satisfied yet, so she decides to include in the website some stuffs which belongs to MandragorA ScreaM band.
Objects used in various videoclips, scene clothes and personal gadgets as well, in order to create a bazaar where any thing of any kind can be sold at any moment.
Welcome to this small and magic world of Morgan Lacroix and MandragorA ScreaM, where you’ll never know what to expect!!!
Bloody Kisses
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